2016 Club Champs Winners

Girls 8years & Under – Sarah Gould                               

          Runner up – Hannah Boorer-Lilley


Barker Family Trophy - Girls 9/10 years – Emily Coleman

          Runner up – Charlotte Orange


Ivan Bain Trophy - Boys 9/10 years – Jack Boorer-Lilley

          Runner up – Ben Wyborn


Girls 11/12 years – Alexzandra Hopa-Parke

          Runner up – Zara Coleman


Boys 11/12 years – Conor Foley-Smith

          Runner up – Caleb Orange


Moginie Family Trophy - Boys 13/14 years – Jack Sands

          Runner up -   not awarded                                                                           


Boys 15/16 years – Nicholas Houston

2016 Prizegiving

Learn to Swim

Block One: Most Improved at each Level:                                                                                 

Level 1/2 Basic Portia McRae  

Level 2 Advanced Lincoln Banks

Level 3   Henry Pennington

Level 4   Annabel McArthur

Level 5   Sam Shaw


Block Two: Most Improved at each Level:                              

Level 1 / 2 Thomas Muff

Level 2 Advanced   Emily Coles

Level 3   Thomas Anderson

Level 4   Lexi McCully

Level 5   not awarded


Junior Swim Instructors Cup                                                        

Winner:  Aiden Christie


Most Improved Learn to Swim                                 

Winner:  Evie Grant 


The Youngs Family Plate                                         

Winner:  Sarah Clearwater


Development Squad Trophy

Boys:  Carlos Johnson

Girls:  Hannah Boorer-Lilley 


Development Squad Sportsmanship Trophy 

Winner:  Lydia Rae


Newall Trophy – Sportsmanship                                                

Winner:  Innes Hanrahan


Geraldine Amateur Swimming Club Committee Trophy

Winner:  Jack Sands


Representative Badges/Bars                                                       

Country and Town

Winners:  Emily Coleman, Zara Coleman, Lydia Hanrahan, Alexzandra Hopa-Parke, Harriet Hopa-Parke, Charlotte Orange, Lydia Rae, Kristin Schoneveld.


McCone Family Trophy

Winner:  Jack Sands 


Most Improved Swimmer Trophies

Most Improved Freestyle Swimmer – Daniel Gould

Most Improved Backstroke Swimmer – Emily Coleman

Most Improved Breaststroke Swimmer – Conor Foley-Smith

Most Improved Butterfly Swimmer – Conor Foley-Smith

Most Improved Individual Medley Swimmer – Conor Foley-Smith


Geraldine & District Lioness Club                     

Winner:  Daniel Gould


Phillipa Langrell Trophy for Butterfly 

Winner:  Conor Foley-Smith


GASC Sub 60 Medal

Winner:  Jack Sands


South Island Country and Town Trophy 

Winner:  Nicholas Houston


Langrell Family Community Spirit Trophy

Winner:  Nicholas Houston


Seddon Trophy- Most Successful Club Swimmer               

Winner:  Jack Sands


Holling Medal – Club Captain                              

Winner:  Nicholas Houston 


Inter Club Trophies Won During 2015-16

 GASC CS Davis Cup (1962) – Geraldine                                                               

 Simmons Team Challenge Cup (1938) – Geraldine