Jelly Bean Race Nights

We invite any children who can swim a length of the pool to be in the Jellybean races.  LTS swimmers in the lane pool are encouraged to join in with the 2 fun race nights called Jellybean races.  LTS Swimmers who are anxious about their ability to swim an entire length of the pool will be supported by a senior squad swimmer walking beside them and offering assistance as and when required.   


Swimmers decide on the evening as to the races they would like to enter.   Please make sure you are at the pool by 4.40pm to enter your childs races.  Older swimmers should do their own entries.  The end of racing generally finishes with a big club relay with teams of mixed age and ability.


The first Jellybean race is in Mid December and the second in February.  All swimmers receive a bag of Jellybeans at the end of the evening.  At the annual prize giving all participants will receive a Jellybean race night Certificate recording their times (whether they do one or both race nights).  The swimmer who shows the greatest improvement across the entire club will win the Youngs Family Plate.  This has been known to go to LTS swimmers in previous years! 


This is a great fun night and an opportunity for parents to see their child’s progress, learn a little about the club and participate in time-keeping.  Time keeping is a way for parents and grandparents etc. to become involved and supportive of your child’s swimming (but be prepared to get a little splashed!!).  Look for details on the noticeboard poolside or on the club notice board.