Useful Websites

Swim Canterbury West Coast: The governing body of swimming in the region.  Your first point of call when searching for any information in the region.  Here you will find Upcoming Meet Fliers, recent results from local meets, Canterbury Squads info, Officals info and documents related to the running of swimming in the region  -


Swimming New Zealand:  Swimming New Zealand provides advice and leadership to the New Zealand community on all matters pertaining to swimming. This can be broken up into three distinct categories; Education, Competitive Swimming and High Performance.  This website holds lots of information related to swimming in New Zealand but most importantly it is the place where you can find information for National Meets e.g. Juniors, NAGS, Live Results for national meets and the new swimmers database -


Water Safety NZ: For information on why your child should learn how to swim, safety tips and up to date figures on drownings -


FINA: The world governing body for the sport of swimming.  The offical rules and regulations for swimming can be found here, as well as information on world swimming events such as the Olympics -


Take Your Marks:  A website dedicated to swimmers veiw their times.  Times can be recorded, graphed, converted and goals set.  There is a cost associated with this website, 60 day free trail is available -


Meet Mobile: A mobile app that gives real time results.  Ideal for parents who arnt at the meet but also good for the swimmers to see immediatly after their race how they got on.  Costs approx $8.00 annually.  Results available at most big meets -