Geraldine Swimming Club’s registered colours are red and black.  Club tracksuits and kit bags are issued on loan at the beginning of each season to swimmers who express an interest in competitive swimming.  The Uniforms Officer will do their best to provide these to swimmers during the season should a swimmer decide to swim competitively.  Swimmers are responsible for returning these at the end of season in a good condition. 


The Club also has a logoed polo shirt and a logoed singlet which are purchased or hired by the swimmer.  Either of these form part of the uniform and are available through the Uniforms Officer.  Plain black shorts complete the uniform. 


Tracksuit and logoed shirts with black shorts form the official swimmer uniform and any combination must be worn at meets and during podium ceremonies when receiving medals.


Swim Caps are available through the Uniforms Officer and swimmers must wear the official cap at Meets.  It is advisable to have a spare uniform cap in your bag.


Goggles are not available through the Club.  There are a range of options for purchase on-line or through retail outlets.  As different brands suit different face shapes, consider asking another swimmer if you can briefly trial theirs before you purchase your own.


Togs are not available through the Club.  Togs are available through usual retail outlets or on-line.  It is recommended that girls train in a one piece tog; they race in a one piece tog.  Boys should train in togs not board shorts and must race in togs.  Boy’s swimsuits shall not extend above the navel or below the knee. Girl’s swimsuits shall not cover the neck or extend past the shoulders, or below the knee.  There are to be no zips or fastenings or wearing of 2 pairs of togs. 


Senior swimmers should consider using FINA approved togs/swimsuits for racing.  These are available on-line.  Please be aware that when purchasing togs/swimsuits on-line there is a difference between “Training Togs/Swimsuits” and FINA approved logoed swimsuits.


Please give our Uniforms Officer sufficient time to order uniform items as not all are held in stock.



Polo Shirt Purchase Child size 8-16 $32
Adult $34
Hire $10 per year
Singlet $21
Swim Cap $11