Learn to Swim

The Geraldine District is fortunate to have a Learn to Swim Programme (LTS) for school aged children run by the Geraldine Swimming Club at the Domain Pool. 


Learn to Swim Schedule:

This seasonal programme runs in two Blocks to coincide with the school terms.  Block One commences mid-November and runs for 5 weeks.  Block Two commences early February and runs for 5 weeks.  Children are enrolled for one block only.  We endeavour to meet parent’s requests for block allocations.


Entry age:

5 years at time of the lessons commencing.



 Lessons run on a Tuesday and Thursday. 

The time of the lesson is dependent on the level of the group however will be between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.  Lessons run for 30 minutes therefore it is essential all swimmers are ready and waiting poolside for their lesson.   Children are expected to attend all lessons as there is no refund policy for missed lessons.



Lessons are only cancelled in extreme weather conditions.  People will be notified by text message and it will also be on the Facebook page.  Lessons cancelled under these circumstances will be made up if practicable.


Learn to Swim Fees:

Each block is $70.00; there is a prompt payment discount. 

Internet banking is the preferred option and details for this will appear on your account.


Swimmer Attire and equipment:

We recommend togs (board shorts create drag and weight making it difficult for the swimmer) and long hair tied back.  We advise against wetsuits as these give a false sense of buoyancy.  We are happy for swimmers to wear rash/thermal top.  Please ensure your child is sun-smart by applying a good layer of sunblock. 


Fun Race Nights:

At the begining and close of the season the club holds two Jelly Bean race nights.  Learn to Swim L4 and L5 swimmers are encouraged to come down and have a go at racing.  


Contact Details:

 Contact LTS e-mail learn2swimgeraldine@gmail.com





Geraldine Swimming Club does not provide classes for children less than 5 years old.  However we wish to acknowledge the role of Geraldine Plunket in this area and have therefore received the following information from them:

"Geraldine Plunket” provides swimming confidence classes for children under 5 on Wednesday and Friday mornings for the month of February.  If you would like to sign up now or want more information on these, email us at geraldineplunket@gmail.com or find us on Facebook to receive regular updates of what we're up to."


Swimmers work through the following Levels:

Level   1    Tadpole:  Water confidence and discovery.


Level   2    Basic (Frogs):  Water orientation and confidence under and on the water.


Level   2    Advanced (Starfish): Floating, gliding, leg action


Level   3    Basic (Stingrays):  Arm strokes in Freestyle.  Backstroke.


Level   3    Intermediate (Seals):  Early Freestyle and breathing, Backstroke, intro to Breaststroke


Level   3   Advanced (Super seals):  Freestyle breathing and Backstroke, intro to Breaststroke and diving. 


Level   4   Dolphins:  Extending all strokes.


Level   5   Sharks:  Stroke refinement.


At the end of each block swimmers undergo assessment and consideration for progression for the next level.