Swimming meets cannot be run without a great deal of parental assistance and Geraldine parents have always been well represented amongst Canterbury West Coast Swimming officials.  As many as 64 officials are required for each session in many capacities and the Club also requires people to assist with catering when Geraldine is on duty or at the Clubs own meets.  Once your child begins to compete it is expected that you will take your turn in volunteering your time, most parents start by timekeeping at Junior Carnivals.  From there you can go on to become an inspector of turns, stroke inspector, starter, computer/quantum operator or referee if you choose.


The Club also requires team-managers for each session of local meets.  They are responsible for ensuring that swimmers go to be marshalled for their races at the correct time and for ensuring that information about issues such as scratchings, disqualifications, etc. is conveyed from swimmers to meet officials and vice versa.


Entry forms for meets have a section at the bottom on which you can indicate how and when you will help at the meet and you should keep a copy of this to ensure that you do meet this commitment.  If insufficient help is offered or further communication is required, you may receive a call from the official's convenor.


When the team travels, team-managers, and at times cooks, are required and an email will be sent out for volunteers some times before "away" meets.  Travelling with the swimmers is fun and an excellent way to get to know swimmers, coaches and other parents. 



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